I choose to write because it make‍‍‍s me a better person.

‍‍‍I choose to write because it change‍‍‍s me in ways I can't otherwise change.

‍‍‍‍‍‍I've been a police officer, a massage therapist, a raft guide, and a photojournalist, and a journalist. I've flown in a C-135 jet stratotanker, lain in its belly and seen the curve of the earth, darkness to my left, sun to my right. I've been homeless, and I've been an entrepreneur. I have photographed babies one day only to watch them die the next. I've seen sanity in the insane, and insanity in the sane. I've cried and prayed and laughed and swore and have come to the conclusion that good writing, good storytelling, and great books do one of three things. They remind us of what we have in common. They show us how we can grow or change, and they give us hope that no matter how dark or hopeless it is now, it will get better.

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About Me & Then Some‍‍‍‍‍‍

Africa Changed me. I heard that from a lot of people who have been there, returned and have never been quite the same. Then it happened to me. I can't explain it. I can't tell people what it was about Africa that touches people. All I know is that I passed through some sort of energetic portal. I left part of myself, and found part of mys‍‍‍elf there. I've heard the same thing happens when people go to Israel, or Alaska. Travel, I have decided, changes us—if we let it. The same thing is true of having a child, being diagnosed with cancer, losing a loved one, becoming homeless, getting married, getting divorced or writing a book. We change because we run up against something in ourselves, our paradigms, our faith, our lack of faith, and we must change or die. You can travel, or marry, or have a child, or you can write a book. HOW you change is up to you.So there is that. Before and after that there were things that stayed the same—I love stories, both hearing them and telling them. I love conspiracy—not so much for the claims it makes, but for the power it holds over us. Truth is stranger than fiction, and I love that about a good conspiracy. At age 60 I tried to learn to sail, and soloed after a few classes. ‍‍‍

It was the most awesome thing I've done after 50. I have two cats, one of whom is a special needs cat. I cut my teeth on fiction, but since I work on 2-3 non-fiction books a month I rarely read fiction anymore. I need to fix that. My first book was about UFOs. The October Abduction of Thomas Martin. It's on Amazon. As one reviewer put it, "It's like Left Behind meets Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind," or something to that effect. The truth is, 85% of the book is true. I love self-help books and would love to write more of them. I'm a TED Global (not TEDx) speaker. There were, at last count, only a little more than 300 of us in the world a few years ago. I am humbled to have been able to share my story at Oxford. VERY humbled. The two best parts of TED, after the talk, were getting to work with a Red Tailed Hawk and his handler, and attending a party in the History Museum where I placed a glass of wine between the toes of a T-Rex and marveled at the fact that in his lifetime I would have been dinner, but in my lifetime he was a photo op. I guess you had to be there. I have a temper. It rears its ugly head when I meet people who hurt other people, bully, say stupid things, act like victims, screw over their customers, or act like idiots. I like to blow off steam on Twitter and Facebook even when it's not becoming or helpful, or professional. I'm working on it. In the meantime I confess and pray a lot about it.

I am a "Top Writer 2018" on Quora.com. That's probably because I'm very opinionated and like to answer people's questions. Tip: I don't answer questions you can find the answer too with Google. What else?I like long moonlight walks to the refridgerator. I am happily single. I love flowers. I love working with authors, would-be authors, and people with stories to tell. I believe in UFOs (obviously), Genesis 6:6, and the Bible. I don't believe in modern day churches. I think writing a book changes people in ways they never imagined. I think people who can't take feedback or constructive criticism aren't ready to write a GOOD book. I believe no experience we ever have, no matter how silly, traumatic, boring, or seemingly useless or devastating at the time, is ever wasted. My favorite business book of all time, bar none, is ‍‍‍Mike Michalowicz's book, The Pumpkin Plan. My favorite fiction book is Jonathan Livingston Seagull, or maybe the sequel. I think The Celestine Prophecy was a brilliant story poorly told. I think Dr. Seuss was a literary genius. I think people who value money, fame, and fortune over family and relationships have neither. I hope you are the kind of person I'd like to work with. If you are, you will value my skills, respect me and my time, and appreciate what I have to offer. If you're not, you're probably not going to make it this far down the About Me stuff. Not a problem.