Becky Blanton, May 28 2018

It is what it is.

My van, the one I just sunk $1,500 in repairs to, and filled with $40 of gas, blew a rod yesterday. I live in a rural area so there are no buses, subways, trains or even Uber. Taxis start at $65 for a 10 mile ride into town. In the past I would have pouted, raged, and screamed. Today? It is what it is. What do I have to do to get transportation? Craigslist, rent a car, ask friends for help. The same is true for writing your book, or any other task you have. It is what it is. Evaluate what happened, or didn’t happen. List your resources and options. Then act. Life can suck, but you can choose to move forward or to stay in the suck. Whichever you decide to do notice the only thing that changes about what happened, is your attitude. You can’t control what happens TO you, but you can control how you respond.

Written by

Becky Blanton

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