Developmental Edits - $500- $3,500

A developmental edit is a thorough and in-depth review of your entire book or manuscript. Think of it as a full book critique that covers everything from your Table of Contents to your writing style, consistency, topics, and whether or not your topic fits your target audience. Does your book have a job? That means, are you writing the book to get more speaking engagements? Do you want to establish your credibility in your field? Do you want to position yourself as an expert in your field? The WAY your book is written can help or hinder you depending on what you want it to do for you. If you don't know what your book's job is, then it's not likely to get you the results you want. 


The price range of a developmental edit depends on the length of your manuscript, the stage you are at with the manuscript (Cheaper to pay $500 and have a great Table of Contents created before you begin), and how clean your writing is. If, for instance, all you've done is copy and paste things from the Internet that you like and want to call "your book," it's going to cost considerably more than a well-researched and original manuscript. Contact me if you have questions or want an estimate.

Ghostwriting - $5,000 to $20,000

Hiring a Ghostwriter is an investment in your business, your speaking career, or yourself. How much you invest depends on you and what your priorities are. I suggest hiring me as a consultant AFTER reading the free ebook on how to write your book. Link to be added soon. It will save you time and money when talking to me because I won't have to explain everything to you!


Ghostwriting can be collaborative - meaning we write your book together. Or, I can interview you and any necessary contacts, do the research, conduct the interviews and transcribe the interviews and write the book for you ($20,000). You will need to approve the final manuscript or make small revisions to it. The cost, of course, depends on the time involved. The collaborative is less time-intensive and costs less to produce. I can also take what you've written and do a developmental edit (see above) on it. In addition to the ghostwriting, you'll need to buy a package of ISBN numbers ($295 for 10 numbers or $175 for one. You'll need at least two if you plan to have a print and ebook version of your book) and you'll need to have a cover designed.


I also design covers ($150 to $300), and do book formatting ($200 for both a print and mobile or ebook version). See my portfolio page for sample covers. 

Book Covers, Formatting, etc. - $100 - $300

I also create book covers for both ebooks and print. I format books using Vellum, In-Design, or Pages depending on whether the book is complex, has more than a couple of photos or other design challenges. You can see my cover designs in my portfolio. Link to be added soon.