There are many ways to write a book. Discover which way works best for you.‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

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How Does‍‍‍ Ghostwriting‍‍‍ Work?

Every ghostwriter works differently. Here's how I work.

Developmental Boo‍‍‍k Edits

What's a developmental edit and why it's the best route to take with a f‍‍‍inished book.

What is a developmental edit? »

Collab‍‍‍orative Writing

Collaborating makes for lower costs for you. Here's how:

How can I save m‍‍‍one‍‍‍y by collaborating? »

Scratc‍‍‍h to Finish

10 Reasons you should hire a ghostwriter to write your book from scratch.‍‍‍

10 Reasons to write a book from scratch‍‍‍  »