How I work

How does a ghostwriter write?

Some ghostwriters write alone, producing a manuscript or book with little to no input from the 'author." Others prefer to collaborate and go back and forth with ideas, writing, suggestions, and edits. Still, others prefer to have the ghostwriter write the first draft, and then they come in and add their comments and suggestions.

Still, others prefer the ghostwriter do a "developmental edit" and polish or "tweak" the author's manuscript — cleaning it up, making it sound better, and polishing it so it reads and flows well.

Different ghostwriters prefer different approaches. I enjoy and am comfortable with each approach. My preferences are strictly related to the author's personality. I can write anyway the author prefers, but I'm picky about whom I work with. I like authors who believe in their work and communicate well, among other things...

What's this going to cost?

I know. You want a concrete cost, something to help you decide if you 'can afford' to invest in writing a book or not. But, here's the thing, you probably can afford it. You might have to write the first draft, write it in stages, work out a payment plan, or whatever, but you can afford to do this. 

Start by booking a free (everyone can afford that) call with me to let me know what stage you're at, what you want to do, and what your budget is. Let's talk.

What hiring a ghostwriter will cost depends on what you need or want done. Going to the dentist, for instance, can cost you $300 for a filling or $52,000 for full upper and lower implants if you need dentures. So it all depends on what you need to have done. 

Do you need an entire manuscript written from scratch? Do you have a manuscript or part of a manuscript? Have you done any research, or will you need research done? By contacting me and letting me know what you want to do, where you are in the process, I can give you an estimate of the costs.

Head on over to the "Contact me" page, shoot me off an email, tell me about your idea, your budget, your deadline and ask any questions you may have. Let's start there. 

Why should I hire you?


Blog posts         

$150 - $250 for a 500 to 1,500 word blog post. This includes research, fact-checking, a secondary edit, interviews if needed, where needed. 

Op-Ed Posts

$150- $250 for a 500 to 1,000 word Op-Ed piece. These require much more research, fact-checking, and editing for style

Press Releases

$300 for a print release, and a video release of the same topic. Press releases aren't brag sheets about you or your company. A press release that gets "picked up" by the media involves a story about how, or why, and focuses on teaching the reader something, demonstrating an unknown fact, or showcasing a new technology or service that helps the community. It's not about how wonderful you are. It's a story about how you're contributing to your industry or community. Press releases must be faxed out to your local or national media - and a press release for television is written for a visual audience, while a standard release is written for online or newsprint. The release must be written in such a way as to give the news director a good idea of what visuals (photos and/or film) they can get from the story. You're not just saying, "Hey! Do a story on us!" That kind of writing requires expertise and knowledge.


$100 to $800 per page depending on content and length. Websites generally have five to ten pages, and several of them, including your About, Home, Blog, and Information pages require content. Depending on the length, type of content, word count, research needed, and the number of revisions, webpages can run from $100 to $800 or more per page. Obviously, a webpage or homepage for a surgeon describing a technical or involved procedure will cost more than a webpage detailing how to prepare your pet for their first animal kennel experience. The difference is research, interviews, fact-checking and difficulty of the copywriting needed (SEO etc.)

Books, and ebooks

$3,000 to $45,000. Why the range? A lot depends on how much writing, research, and technical information/content is needed. If you already have your book written, and just need a developmental edit, it's far less expensive than starting a book from scratch. 

Do you have an idea for the book? Do you have resources or experts (besides yourself) to interview? Have you written any of the book already? Is it an academic book that will require indexing and or a lot of foot or endnotes? Is your manuscript a dissertation that must be written to academic standards for your University?

A 25-page ebook is actually harder to write than a 50 or 100-word manuscript because it must convey much of the same information in fewer words. I can't tell you what your book will cost until I know these, and other factors. 

Hire me NOT because I'm the cheapest, fastest, or because I fit in your budget, but because I'm the best at what I do and I'm worth it. 


My fees are based on the value I provide, not what you can or can't afford. How you choose to invest in yourself, your book, your project, and what it's "worth" is up to you.


When I was first starting out I gave a client a significant "financial break" because he told me he "couldn't afford to pay my rate," right then. I finished the project, which turned out to pay me less than minimum wage, only to find out he "couldn't afford me" because he just spent $20,000 on a fly-fishing trip to Alaska for ten days.


"Afford" had nothing to do with his financial situation. The question was, where did he want to invest his money — and it wasn't in his book. It was more important to go fishing and I made that decision easy for him because I gave him a discount — at a cost to myself. That's why I don't get involved in "what can you afford" talks. I turn them into "How much do you want to invest in yourself?" talks.  If you only have $500 or $5,000 I can tell you what you can get for that. 


You should hire me because you want someone honest, authentic, generous, and practical to work with you. You want someone who will teach, coach, explain and support you emotionally throughout the writing process. Yes. There's more to writing than just putting words on paper. You want someone patient, understanding, and caring who realizes what an emotional toll can take on a first-time writer. It's harder than it looks.


You need a ghostwriter you like, trust, and enjoy working with. You need a ghostwriter who is generous with their knowledge and insights and who doesn't treat you like a number. You need a ghostwriter who can make you laugh, sigh, feel relief, feel safe, and feel understood with. It's what I do — the compassionate, caring side of ghostwriting side-by-side with the business of ghostwriting.


Writing, even non-fiction writing can be intimidating, exhausting, challenging, and scary. You need someone who understands that and is there for you for all aspects of the process. That's me. I'm a compassionate hand-holder, a firm coach, and a loyal supporter as well as a dynamic, bestselling ghostwriter and storyteller. If you don't need any of that, or my other skills, then you can stop reading now. The rest of this will probably bore you.


If money is your primary concern, I'm probably not your ghostwriter. That may sound harsh, but it's true. If you're looking for any old ghostwriter, there's Upwork, Fivvr, and a thousand websites where a staff of writers making just over minimum wage to churn out a book a week can help you produce and publish a book. They're in it for the paycheck though — not for you. If that's what you're looking for — you're not my audience. I'm looking for people who are passionate about their ideas, and driven to write or produce a book they're proud of, and one that they think will change the world. I'm looking for people willing to invest in themselves and their book.


I don't want or need the entire world of would-be best-selling authors beating a path to my door.  I can only write 4-12 books a year (depending on whether I'm doing a developmental edit, writing from scratch, or collaborating with the author/authors.) I only need four to twelve authors willing to make that commitment to themselves and invest in us both.


Out of the 200 million people who say they want to write a book each year, it's not hard for me to find those 10 authors, or for them to find me. You are not going to tempt me with the promise of giving me a "great story" if I'll work for less money. You'd be amazed how many people have incredible stories and are willing to pay more to ensure their story is told well. Still reading? Then let's talk.

Contact me with your thoughts and questions.